Robin played by Burt Ward. Taken from the sixties Batman Movie.


Burt Ward as Robin from the sixties Batman TV series.

Bert John Gervis, Jr was born July 6th 1945 to parents Bert John Gervis, Sr and Marjorie Ward in Los Angeles, California. His father was the owner of a popular travelling ice show known as Rhapsody on Ice. At just two years of age, "Strange as it Seems" magazine declared Bert, Jr to be the youngest professional ice skater in the world.
In 1962, Burt met his first wife, Bonney Lindsay. Bonney was daughter to musical conductor Mort Lindsay. It was in the summer of 1963 that Mort arranged for Burt and his daughter to serve as apprentices at Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope, Pennsylvania. This opportunity furnished Burt with his first experience at working with actors.

Later that same year Burt attended the University of California, Santa Barbara but transferred shortly after to UCLA as a motion picture and theatre major. Although his main ambition at this time was to act, Burt attained a real estate licence in order to earn some extra money. At 19 years of age after changing his name to Burt Ward (Ward being his mother's maiden name), Burt's big break came when William Dozier offered him the role of Robin in the Batman television series.
Batman was an absolute smash, which resulted in a hectic schedule for Burt. Unfortunately, the sudden change of pace placed a huge strain on Burt's marriage. Shortly after the second season of Batman began, Burt and Bonney divorced, with Bonney taking custody of their baby daughter Lisa.

In February 1967, Burt married his second wife, Kathy Kersh. Burt and Kathy actually met on the set of Batman when Kathy appeared as one of the Joker's molls, Cornelia. After three seasons, the Batman series was cancelled in 1968. The following year in 1969 Burt and Kathy were divorced.

Although Batman enjoyed only three seasons from 1966-68, Burt has enjoyed many reunions with his co-star Adam West. The most memorable of which included Burt and Adam reprising their roles as Batman and Robin on the animated television series "The New Adventures of Batman" and the 2003 television movie " Return to the Batcave : The Misadventures of Adam and Burt".

During the eighties, Burt created an early education program called "The Early Bird Learning Program". It was through this that Burt met Tracy Posner. Burt and Tracy married in July 1990. Both Burt and Tracy have a huge love for animals. When they learned in 1994 that their local animal shelter were forced to destroy some 35 Great Danes after failing to find suitable homes for them, they decided to create a Great Dane Rescue operation called, Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoption. which they still happily run today. They have a great web site devoted to this cause and I strongly recommend that all animal lovers pay them a visit by Clicking Here.


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