The Official Sites
The official Adam West Website.
The official Burt Ward Website.
The official Yvonne Craig Website.




Play video of Keith and Julie Richards




The 1966 Batman TV Tribute Site
This is by far the most extensive and comprehensive Batman Fan site that I've encountered so far. Check It Out!


The BatMusic Website
Being an avid record collector, this website is a particular favourite of mine. Featuring a collection of Records and CD's that are related to the Sixties Batman series. Along with the obvious soundtrack albums, there's a host of obscure records related to the series that until now, I for one have been completely unaware of. Great Suff!


BatFriend - The Bat Pages
Very FLASHY and highly entertaining website. Loads of great effects and loads of Brilliant Bat-Info, all very professionally presented. Excellent Website!


Catfan's Feline Fatale Follies
A great website devoted entirely to Batman's most alluring adversary, Catwoman!


The BAT-BLOG is dedicated to the joy of collecting Batman Toys both old & new! There you will find Vintage Batman Toy Photos, Batman Desktop Wallpapers, Videos To Watch, New Toy Releases, Bat-Humor, etc...


Bat-mania United Kingdom
Another great UK based Fan-Site.
Great site for all fans of the original Corgi Batmobile. Includes step by step info on restoring well worn batmobiles to their former glory.


The 1966 Batman Message Board
Brilliant Batman Forum. Join it NOW!




Batman Costume
Online retailer with a nice selection of traditional and authentic Batman costumes. You’ll find character costumes ranging from Batman, Robin, and the Joker.