Batman played by Adam West. Taken from the sixties Batman TV Series.


Adam West was born William West Anderson in Wala Wala Washington on 19th September 1928. After moving to Seattle, Adam was educated at Lakeside School and later at Whitman College, where he successfully attained a degree in literature and psychology. It was during his final year at college that he married his first wife Billie Lou Yeager. After two years of national service in the army, Adam and Billie travelled around Europe picking up an assortment of odd jobs along the way.

Adam got his first break in TV while living in Hawaii in the early fifties. It was here that he secured a role in the light entertainment TV show, "The Kini Popo Show". In 1956 after getting a divorce, Adam married Ngatokoruaimatauaia Frisbie Dawson, a native of Hawaii. Together they had two children. A daughter Jonelle, who was born in 1957, followed by a son, Hunter in 1958. In 1959, with a view to becoming a western star, Adam adopted his now familiar stage name and moved his family to Hollywood.

In the early sixties Adam did secure a few parts in western movies, as well as a rather successful run in the popular TV series "The Detectives" where he was co-star to Robert Taylor. Of course, his biggest and best break came in 1966 when he was chosen to play The Caped Crusader in the greatest television series of all time. But unfortunately, his biggest success turned out to be a bit of a curse career wise. Even though the show only survived three seasons, Adam became so well known for his convincing portrayal of Batman, that he was predictably awarded the old "Typecast-Tag" which meant that satisfying offers were to be thin on the ground during the immediate aftermath of the show's downfall. The huge success of Batman was also cited as being partly responsible for the break up of Adam's second marriage.

In 1972 Adam married Marcelle Tagand Lear. In addition to the two step children - Moya and Jill - inherited by this marriage, Adam and Marcelle went on to have two more children of their own: Nina in 1976 and Perrin in 1979. After a short while, Adam's career did start to take off again, and since Batman he has appeared in a number of movies and television shows.



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