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Batgirl - Yvonne Craig chained in the dungeon.


Yvonne Craig as Batgirl

When the second season of Batman came to a close, it seemed unlikely that a third season would be forthcoming. Batman's ratings had started to fall and ABC were seriously considering cancelling the bi-weekly series.

William Dozier was determined to persuade ABC that the Batman Series had a lot of life left in it and was definitely deserving of a third season.

Dozier arranged a meeting with staff members of DC Comics, with a view to discovering a way to rejuvenate the ailing series. It was decided that the introduction of Batgirl to the cast would give Batman the necessary freshness and energy that would justify a third season. Unfortunately, ABC were a lot less enthusiastic about the idea than Dozier had anticipated.

In order to convince ABC that his idea was feasible, Dozier shot this eight minute promo film, which introduced Yvonne Craig to her most famous role... Batgirl! Dozier was hoping that this film would convince ABC that the chemistry between Batman, Robin and Batgirl was strong enough to warrant a third season.

In a sense the film was a success. Therefore, ABC agreed to give it a go. However, there was to be a lethal compromise. The third season would see the hitherto bi-weekly series cut, to just one half hour episode per week.

The new format just didn't work. With each adventure crammed into just one half hour programme, there was little scope for Batgirl to blend comfortably with the cluttered storylines. Half way through the third season, the confirmation came that this would be Batman's final run.

So here it is. Sit back and enjoy the legendary Batgirl Pilot Episode.




BATGIRL / Barbara Gordon - Yvonne Craig
BATMAN / Bruce Wayne - Adam West
ROBIN / Dick Grayson - Burt Ward
Killer Moth - Tim Herbert
Commissioner Gordon - Neil Hamilton
Narrated by William Dozier