Batman and Robin played by Adam West and Burt Ward in the Batmobile. Taken from the 1966 Batman Movie.

This website is devoted to the greatest television series ever.

In 1966 Batman burst onto our TV screens in a blaze of colour, camp and chaos. With dodgy special effects, sagging tights and a horrific array of evil villains, we were treated to a non-stop journey of fast action, fist fights and fantastically costumed characters that captured the imagination of us kids everywhere; while at the same time, successfully amusing our parents.

A Brief History

To most of us, the sixties TV series presented us with our first introduction to Batman. However, our favourite superhero was actually created way back in the late 1930's. Batman (or "The Batman" as he was known then) came into being in the twenty-seventh issue of Detective Comics. This was in May 1939, and his instant popularity was so much so that in Spring of 1940 he was rewarded with his very own comic. Back then, Batman was not quite the affable, good natured character that we all looked up to in the sixties.

It was in issue 33 of Detective Comics that Batman's origin was revealed to the world. Here we learn how Bruce Wayne was orphaned as a ten year old child when both his parents were shot dead by an evil villain. The young Bruce is so devastated by this event that he vows to spend the rest of his life at war with all criminals.

For the next few years, Bruce dedicates himself to becoming a self taught master scientist, while, at the same time, training his body to physical perfection. Finally, he is ready to begin his crime fighting career. First he needed a disguise that he felt would strike fear into the hearts of his enemies. "I must be a creature of the night. Black, terrible ... a ..." And as if in answer to his brooding question by the powers of fate, a huge bat flew in through his open window. "That's it!" cried the delighted Bruce Wayne. "It's an omen. I shall become a Bat!"